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Eurofer97 steel is a primary structural material for the plasma facing-components of future fusion reactors. Laser welding is a promising technique that can overcome the challenges of remote handling and maintenance. However, the interaction of the induced residual stress distribution with the heterogeneous microstructure may degrade the mechanical…


Eurofer 97 is the main structural material targeted for the DEMO reactors which will be operated under magnetic fields. It is therefore imperative to understand the effect of magnetic fields on the mechanical properties of the Eurofer 97. Here we preform 30 uniaxial tensile tests with and without a 1.5 T magnetic field at room temperature. The stat…

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The deformation responses at 77 and 293 K of a FeCoNiCr high-entropy alloy, produced by a powder metallurgy route, are investigated using in situ neutron diffraction and correlative transmission electron microscopy. The strength and ductility of the alloy are significant improved at cryogenic temperatures. The true ultimate tensile strengt…

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