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For the first time, over five confinement times, the self-consistent flux driven time evolution of heat, momentum transport and particle fluxes of electrons and multiple ions including Tungsten (W) is modeled within the integrated modeling platform JETTO [Romanelli M et al PFR 2014], using first principle-based codes : namely, QuaLiKiz [Bourd…

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The effects of poloidal asymmetries and heated minority species are shown to be necessary to accurately describe heavy impurity transport in present experiments in JET and ASDEX Upgrade. Plasma rotation, or any small background electrostatic field in the plasma, such as that generated by anisotropic external heating can generate strong poloidal den…

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After the change over from the C-wall to the ITER-like Be/W wall (ILW) in JET, the radiation losses during ICRF heating have increased and are now substantially larger than those observed with NBI at the same power levels, in spite of the similar global plasma energies reached with the two heating systems. A comparison of the NBI and ICRF performan…