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Charge exchange spectroscopy has long been a key diagnostic tool for fusion plasmas and is well developed in devices with Carbon Plasma-Facing Components. Operation with the ITER-like wall at JET has resulted in changes to the spectrum in the region of the Carbon charge exchange line at 529.06nm and demonstrates the need to revise the core charge e…


An in-vessel calibration light source (ICLS) has been implemented for remote use during extended shutdown periods of the Joint European Torus (JET). The ICLS facilitated the in situ calibration of optical diagnostics, which previously were performed when the diagnostics were removed from JET. Since the ICLS is used to calibrate diagnostics over the…


During high power commissioning of the JET LH launcher, the radiation and impurity release has been analyzed from various diagnostics: VUV and visible spectroscopy, bolometry. These two last diagnostics have lines-of-sight viewing the launcher and can provide information about the electron and/or impurity source localisation. Using a database of 80…


Type-I edge-localized modes (ELMs) have been mitigated at the JET tokamak using a static external n 1 perturbation field generated by four error field correction coils located far from the plasma. During the application of the n 1 field the ELM frequency increased by a factor of 4 and the amplitude of the D signal decreased. The energy loss per ELM…