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As a demonstration fusion power plant, EU DEMO has to prove the maturity of fusion technology and its viability for electricity production. The central requirements for DEMO rest on its capability to generate significant net electric power to the grid (300MW to 500 MW) safely and consistentl…


Shutdown dose rate calculations provide an essential input to the design and research of fusion power plant technology. They allow the estimation of dose to personnel and equipment during planned and unplanned maintenance. The mesh coupled rigorous 2 step (MCR2S) methodology used at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) was originally developed to…

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Computational models created for neutronics assessment through solid geometry conversion are often specific to the analysis being performed. The use of unstructured mesh geometry has the potential to reduce the build time of MCNP models, reduce inaccuracies introduced through flux averaging over different components and material mixing, and make us…

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Inventory calculations have a key role to play in designing future fusion power plants because, for a given irradiation field and material, they can predict the time evolution in chemical composition, activation, decay heat, gamma-dose, gas production, and even damage (dpa) dose. For conceptual designs of the European DEMO fusion reactor such calcu…

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The requirement for maintenance in areas with relatively high shutdown dose rate fields is a key issue to address in the design and engineering of ITER, next generation devices and future commercial fusion reactors. In order to estimate the shutdown dose rate during maintenance and intervention scenarios CCFE’s Mesh Coupled implementation of the R…

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Shutdown dose rate calculations have been performed on an integrated ITER C-lite neutronics model with equatorial port 10. A fully shielded configuration, optimized for a given diagnostic designs (i.e. shielding in all available space within the port plug drawers), results in a shutdown dose rate in the port interspace, from the activation of mater…

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As nuclear fusion progresses towards a sustainable energy source and the power of tokamak devices increases, a greater understanding of the radiation fields will be required. As well as on-load radiation fields, off-load or shutdown radiation field are an important consideration for the safety and economic viability of a commercial fusion reactor. …

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High energy neutrons produced in future fusion reactors will cause significant transmutation reactions in the breeder blanket, including the important tritium breeding reactions. The reaction rate for a given reaction type depends on the neutron spectrum and material properties. The inventory consequences fortritium production of a solid-type breed…

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