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Parametric dependencies of the linear stability of toroidal Alfven eigenmode (TAE) in the presence of neutral beam injection (NBI) are investigated to understand the beam drive and damping effect of TAEs in JET and KSTAR. It is found that the results depend on the drift orbit width of the beam-ions normalized to the characteristic mode widths. I…

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Tearing mode stability is normally analysed using MHD or two-fluid Braginskii plasma models. However for present, or future, large hot tokamaks like JET or ITER the collisionality is such as to place them in the banana regime. Here we develop a linear stability theory for the resonant layer physics appropriate to such a regime. The outcome is a set…


The edge-localized, high-confinement mode regime is of interest for future Tokamak reactors since high performance has been sustained for long durations. Experiments in the Joint European Tokamak [M. Keilhacker et al. , Nuclear Fusion 39 , 209 (1999)] have studied this regime using scans with the toroidal field and plasma current varied together in…