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In ITER and DEMO, achieving detachment at lower densities would allow to reduce the amount of impurity seeded and to improve confinement by running at lower separatrix densities. Analytic models predict that a increase of total flux expansion would allow such a reduction in upstream density at detachment. However, both experiments and modelling …

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Extensive modelling efforts of the plasma response to the resonant magnetic perturbation fields, utilized for controlling the edge localized mode (ELM), help to identify the edge-peeling response as a key factor, which correlates to the observed ELM mitigation in several tokamak devices, including MAST, ASDEX Upgrade, EAST, and HL-2A. The recently …


Experiments have been performed on MAST using both external (n=1,2) and internal (n=3) resonant magnetic perturbation coils. ELM suppression has not been achieved even though vacuum modelling shows that either set of coils can produce a region for which the Chirikov parameter is greater than 1 wider than that required to produce ELM suppression in …


Utilizing a capability to vary neutral beam torque injection in the DIII-D [J. L. Luxon, Nucl. Fusion 42 , 614 (2002)] tokamak, m / n =2/1 neoclassical tearing mode onset thresholds are found to fall by about one unit in βN , from 3 to 2, in ITER-like sawtoothing high-energy confinement modes of plasma operation [R. Aymar, Plasma Phys. Control. Fu…