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The paper presents an analysis of disruptions occurring during JET-ILW plasma operations covering the period from the start of ILW (ITER-like wall) operation up to completion of JET operation in 2016. The total number of disruptions was 1951 including 466 with deliberately induced disruptions. The average disruption rate of unintended disruptions i…

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Asymmetrical disruptions may occur during ITER operation and they may be accompanied by large sideways forces and rotation of the asymmetry. This is of particular concern because resonance of the rotating asymmetry with the natural frequencies of the vacuum vessel (and other in-vessel components) could lead to large dynamic amplification of the for…

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Disruptions, the fast accidental losses of plasma current and stored energy in tokamaks, represent asignificant risk to the mechanical structure as well as the plasma facing components of reactor-scale fusion facilities like ITER. At JET, the tokamak experiment closest to ITER in terms of operating parameters and size, massive gas injection has bee…

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Analytical results of a complete JET cryopump regeneration, including the nitrogen panel, follow- ing the first ITER-Like Wall campaign are presented along with the in-situ analyses of residual gas. H/D mixtures and impurities such as nitrogen and neon were injected during plasma operation in the vessel to study radiation cooling in the scrape-off-…