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Helium bubble production in tungsten has been studied combining transmission electron microscopy and in situ irradiations with 10 keV He+ ions. The irradiations were carried out at four temperatures (773 K, 1073 K, 1273 K, 1473 K), and were held at intervals of (0.45; 0.9; 1.2; 1.5) × 1020 He+/m2 for each temperature. Based on detailed analyses of…

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Following earlier publication of a model of crack flow and filtering based on a 2-D crack representation, the model has been improved and submitted to validation by comparison with data from a number of other theoretical and experimental studies. This process has led to improved understanding of gas flow and filtering in real crack geometry and pro…


An analysis has been made of the IFMIF lithium loop activation using the time-dependent, activation, transport and deposition code, TRACT (TRansport of ACTivation). Corresponding operator dose rates have also been derived using the neutron and photon transport Monte Carlo code MCNP-4C, enabling an assessment of operator exposure, both during IFMIF …


Refinements to consequence modelling for hypothetical accidents in Fusion Power Plants have been explored. This leads to improved accuracy and a reduction in some of the conservatism inherent in previous calculations. Assumptions made in previous analyses for the Safety and Environmental Assessment of Fusion Power (SEAFP) are examined, with particu…