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Heavy impurities, such as tungsten (W), can exhibit strongly poloidally asymmetric density profiles in rotating or radio frequency heated plasmas. In the metallic environment of JET, the poloidal asymmetry of tungsten enhances its neoclassical transport up to an order of magnitude, so that neoclassical convection is expected to dominate over turbul…


Non-linear reduced MHD modelling of the response of a toroidally rotating plasma on Resonant Magnetic Perturbations (RMPs) is presented for DIII-D and ITER typical parameter. The non-linear cylindrical reduced MHD (RMHD) code was adapted to take into account toroidal rotation and plasma braking mechanisms such as resonant braking (~jxB) and the Neo…


This paper presents an overview of the state of the art of core transport studies in JET. It covers in various sections the topics of heat transport, particle and impurity transport, momentum transport, internal transport barrier physics and integrated core and edge modeling. For each topic, a brief summary of older results obtained under the JET J…


The first electron temperature modulation experiments in plasmas characterized by strong and longlasting electron and ion internal transport barriers (ITB) have been performed in JET using ion cyclotron resonance heating in mode conversion scheme. The ITB is shown to be a well localized narrow layer with low heat diffusivity, characterized by subcr…


Particle transport in magnetized plasmas is investigated with a fluid model of drift wave turbulence. An analytical calculation shows that magnetic field curvature and thermodiffusion drive an anomalous pinch. The curvature driven pinch velocity is consistent with the prediction of turbulence equipartition theory. The thermodiffusion flux is found …