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A Doppler coherence imaging spectroscopy diagnostic has been developed on the HL- 2A tokamak for scrape-off-layer impurity plasma flow measurements. Two- dimensional imaging of line-averaged C2+ flow in the high-field-side scrape off layer with time resolution up to 1 ms, has been achieved successfully by this system. The spatial angular resolut…

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We report results of the benchmarking of core particle transport simulations by the codes widely used in the interpretative transport analyses and predictive modelling of tokamak plasmas. Our analysis includes formulation of transport equations, difference between electron and ion particle solvers, comparison of simulations of particle sinks and so…

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This paper presents for the first time a statistical validation of predictive TRANSP simulations of plasma temperature using two transport models, GLF23 and TGLF, over a database of 80 baseline H-mode discharges in JET-ILW. While the accuracy of the predicted Te with TRANSP-GLF23 is affected by plasma collisionality, the dependency of predictions o…

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We have investigated the electronic structure of MoSi2, Mo5Si3, Mo3Si, and Mo(Si1−xAlx)2 alloys at a range of x values using a combination of valence-band x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy sVBXPSd and densityfunctional theory. We find good agreement between the experimental spectra and the calculated total densities of states. The observed differe…