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Self-ion bombardment of pure tungsten with ion energies of 2 MeV is used to mimic the defects created by neutrons in a fusion reactor. Electron microscopy is used to characterize the microstructure of samples. Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (TDS) is performed on deuterium implanted samples in order to estimate deuterium inventory as function of…


Tungsten samples were heat-treated to achieve partial recrystallization and exposed to high ion flux deuterium plasma at different temperatures and fluences. Continuous stiffness nanoindentation measurements of near-surface hardness were performed in the grains of specific annealing states and of specific crystallographic orientation, determined by…

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For tungsten exposed to low-energy hydrogen-plasmas, it has been thought that grains with surface normal are most susceptible to blistering while those with surface normal are virtually impervious to it. Here, we report results showing that non-uniformity of blister distribution depends on the state of the surface due to polishing. In e…

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The paper presents the results of an experimental study of deuterium retention in W and W-Ta alloy that were exposed to first-wall relevant low flux (~1020 m-2s-1) deuterium plasma in the ECR plasma generator PlaQ. Subsequent analysis included surface imaging by optical microscopy, deuterium depth profiling by nuclear reaction analysis (NRA) and me…

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