Welcome to UKAEA Scientific Publications

The UK Atomic Energy Authority’s public repository, where you can browse research papers and reports. 

UKAEA Papers

  • Preprint versions of papers that have been submitted to Journals for consideration or presented at conferences
  • Published versions or conference proceedings (or a link to the publishers website) once available


  • UKAEA reports including those from the UKAEA Research group prior to JET and MAST at Culham
  • A history of report writing with reports going back to 1959

UKAEA’s main research activities include:

  • experiments on the MAST Upgrade spherical tokamak
  • participation in the JET research programme
  • a theory and modelling programme which studies key areas of plasma physics and predicts performance of future tokamaks such as ITER
  • studies of the materials and technology needed in ITER and fusion power stations
  • R&D and commercial activities in the field of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS)
UKAEA Employee looking at Research