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Self-ion irradiation of pure tungsten with 2 MeV W ions provides a way of simulating microstructures generated by neutron irradiation in tungsten components of a fusion reactor. Electron microscopy has been used to characterize defects formed in tungsten samples by ion irradiation and estimate their density and size distribution. Some of the sample…

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The ITER Tokamak Exhaust Processing (TEP) system relies on palladium membrane reactors (PMRs) for tritium recovery. The PMR consists of a palladium/silver membrane permeator filled with a catalyst, that can be used to recover hydrogen species (most importantly tritium) from methane and water impurities present in fusion reactor exhaust emissions…

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The public acceptability of emerging industrial technologies, can affect their chances of commercial success. In large, demographically diverse samples from the United Kingdom (N = 438) and Germany (N = 390) – recruited to an online questionnaire-based survey study – we show for the first time the stigmatizing impact that t…

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How the Archean felsic crust grew from its mafic precursors between 3.8 and 2.5 billion years ago remains elusive and the subject of great debate. Here, we present silicon isotopic constraints on Tonalite-Trondhjemite-Granodiorite (TTG) and Granite-Monzonite-Syenite (GMS) plutons from the Kaapvaal craton, which range in age from 3.55 to 2.69 Ga.…

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