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It is demonstrated that tokamak plasma can be fuelled by pellets while simultaneously maintaining ELM suppression by external resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs). Pellets are injected from vertical high field site and deposited at outer part of plasma cross section. Each pellet triggers benign MHD event followed by short lived ELM free phase. Th…

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Experiments have been carried out on the MAST and JET tokamaks intended to compare the electrical resistivity of the plasma with theoretical formulations. The tests consist of obtaining motional stark effect (MSE) measurements in MHD-free plasmas during plasma current ramp-up (JET and MAST), ramp-down (MAST) and in stationary state (JET and MAST). …

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Angular scanning of electron Bernstein wave emission (EBE) has been conducted in MAST. From EBE measurements over a range of viewing angles, the angular position and orientation of the B-X-O mode conversion (MC) window can be estimated, giving the pitch angle of the magnetic field in the MC layer. The radial position of the corresponding MC layer i…


Sawtooth behavior has been investigated in plasmas heated with off-axis neutral beam injection in ASDEX Upgrade [A. Herrmann and O. Gruber, Fusion Sci. Technol. 44 , 569 (2003)] and the Mega-Ampere Spherical Tokamak MAST [A. Sykes and et al. , Nucl. Fusion 41 , 1423 (2001)]. Provided that the fast ions are well confined, the sawtooth period is foun…


A multichord motional Stark effect MSE system has recently been built on the MAST tokamak. In MAST the π and σ lines of the MSE spectrum overlap due to the low magnetic field typical for present day spherical tokamaks. Also, the field curvature results in a large change in the pitch angle over the observation volume. The measured polarization ang…