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24th International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Adelaide, Australia, 4-8 November 2019

The field of fusion energy is about to enter the ITER era, for the first time we will have access to a device capable of producing 500 MW of fusion power, with plasmas lasting more than 300 seconds and with core tem- perature…

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14th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT-14) Budapest,Hungary, 22-27 September 2019

The creation of 3-D CAD models is one of the key steps in the fusion reactor design cycle, and is very much a recurring process. A common division of labour sees engineers, draughtspeople, and analysts iterate ideas, requirements and constraints, 3-D CAD model(s), and analyses, respectively, to iteratively converge upon a working design. Whilst thi…

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14th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT-14) Budapest

Since the 1960’s computer-aided design (CAD) has been at the forefront of engineering. Originally and literally quite a broad term, “CAD” appears to have narrowed in definition, and is nowadays usually used to refer to three-dimensional (3-D) geometric models. Such 3-D CAD models are the currency of modern engineering, enabling a wide variety…

29th European Safety and Reliability Conference, Hannover, Germany, 22-26 September 2019

Nuclear data is at the heart of all nuclear science and technology. It represents the interaction probabilities of neutrons with matter and is used to construct distributions in particle transport Monte Carlo codes. Due to the difficulty and cost of conducting experiments, experimental reaction data is usually sparse or not present for the majority…

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