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27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Ahmedabad, India, 22-27 October 2018

The fast-ion transport has been investigated in low-collisionality discharges at ASDEX Upgrade and TCV using offaxis neutral beams. In both devices Alfven eigenmode activity was observed which does, however, not strongly affect the global fast-ion confinement. In contrast, charge exchange losses have been identified to have a strong effect. At TCV …

22nd Topical Conference on High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics (HTPD), San Diego, USA, 16-19 April 2018

Ion cyclotron emission (ICE) is a commonly observed feature of magnetized toroidal plasmas in the presence of fast ions. It is generally agreed that this emission is caused by a strongly inverted (in the velocity space) population of confined fast ions originating from either neutral beam injection (NBI), fusion reactions, or acceleration by waves …

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