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27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Ahmedabad, India, 22-27 October 2018

The fast-ion transport has been investigated in low-collisionality discharges at ASDEX Upgrade and TCV using offaxis neutral beams. In both devices Alfven eigenmode activity was observed which does, however, not strongly affect the global fast-ion confinement. In contrast, charge exchange losses have been identified to have a strong effect. At TCV …

30th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT), Giardini Naxos, Messina, Sicily, 16-21 September 2018

The Alfvén Eigenmode Active Diagnostic system (AEAD) has undergone a major upgrade and redesign to provide a state of the art excitation and real-time detection system for JET. The new system consists of individual 4kW amplifiers for each of the six antennas, allowing for increased current, separate excitation and real time control of relative …

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46th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS), Milan, 8-12 July 2019

The resonant detection and measurement of the damping rates of Alfvén Eigenmodes (AEs) is of critical importance to the design of experiments and development of models of AE stability [1]. With the Alfvén Eigenmodes Active Diagnostic (AEAD) on JET, weakly-damped Toroidal AEs (TAEs) have been probed. Theoretical modeling using the Gyrokinetic Toro…

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