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47th EPS Plasma Physics Virtual Conference, 21-25 June 2021

The disruption mitigation system at ITER will include four shattered pellet injectors (SPI), which will be dedicated to the mitigation of electro-magnetic loads (EML), thermal loads and the avoidance and suppression of runaway electrons. Recently the JETILW was equipped with an SPI with a wide capability. Specifically: pellet diameter d = [4.57, 8.…

ICVRAM - ISUMA UNCERTAINTIES, Florianoplis, Brazil, 8-11 April 2018

Nuclear fusion, the process by which the Sun generates energy, is proposed as one solution to secure the future of global energy supply. If successful it will provide an unlimited source of clean energy. Probably the most promising approach to harnessing fusion for energy production is that of the Tokamak device, a magnetic confinement device of to…