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2021 PVP Virtual Conference, 12-16 July 2021

The use of small specimen test techniques (SSTT) to determine mechanical properties of irradiated materials has been studied over the previous decades both in fission and fusion programs, but also to characterise and optimise new materials by nuclear and non-nuclear communities. Currently a number of activities are running that focus on the sta…

24th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices (PSI), South Korea, 24 - 29 January 2021

While current tokamak experiments are beginning to utilise real-time feedback control systems to manage the plasma exhaust, future tokamaks still require validation of theoretical models used to predict the threshold impurity concentration required to facilitate stationary divertor operation. This work exploits new spectroscopic measurements of …

24th International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Adelaide, Australia, 4-8 November 2019

Access to both High Throughput Computing (HTC) and High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities is vitally important to the fusion community, not only for plasma modelling but also for advanced engineering and design, materials research, rendering, uncertainty quantification and advanced data analytics for engineering operations. The computing re…

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13th ITS European Congress, Amsterdam, 3-6 June 2019

Whilst Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) hold the promise of relegating the driver to passenger by transforming vehicles into intelligent platforms able to ‘read’ and ‘sense’ their environment. A corollary of this is that not only will these vehicles transform how people get from A-to-B, they will be a major source of information whic…

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