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28th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Nice, France, 10-15th May 2021

The pedestal plays an important role in determining the confinement in tokamak H-mode plasmas. However, the steep pressure gradients in this transport barrier also lead to edge localized modes (ELMs) [1]. There is good understanding of the pedestal in type I ELM regimes [2], however, type I ELMs are known to damage plasma facing components and f…

46th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS), Milan, 8-12 July 2019

In the present work, global, three-dimensional edge plasma turbulence simulations of a MAST L-mode attached plasma discharge are presented. Our study is based on the drift-reduced Braginskii equations, solved with the STORM module of BOUT++ for realistic MAST parameters in disconnected lower double null configuration. The plasma profiles are evolve…

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