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Progress in understanding lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) at high density has been made through experiments and modeling, which is encouraging given the need for an efficient off-axis current profile control technique in burning plasma. By reducing the wall recycling of neutrals, the edge temperature is increased and the effect of parametric inst…

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The aim of driving a sufficient amount of plasma current with an appropriate radial current density profile is considered as one of the key challenges for a tokamak fusion power plant in steady state operation. Furthermore, efficient heating to enable transition to regime of enhanced confinement and to achieve breakeven plasma temperatures as well …


Experiments on the JET tokamak show that the wave-induced pinch in the presence of toroidally asymmetric waves can provide a tool for controlling the profile of ion-cyclotron-resonant 3 He ions. Direct evidence for the wave-induced pinch has been obtained from the measured -ray emission profiles. Concurrent differences in the excitation of Alfve?n …