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The pedestal structure, ELM losses and linear MHD stability are analysed in a series of JET-ILW H and D type I ELMy H-mode plasmas. The pedestal pressure (pPED) is typically higher in D than in H at the same input power, with the difference mainly due to lower density in H than in D. At the same input power, the pedestal electron pressur…

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 09/03/2022

This work describes the behaviour of the global energy and particle confinement on JET observed in a massive database of H-mode plasmas covering almost whole lifetime of JET operations, both with carbon and metal wall. The analysis is focused on type I ELMy H-modes in stationary phases. It is shown that plasma density in that regime is determined m…

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In this paper, we present the work in the implementation of a new calibration for the JET real-time polarimeter based on the complex amplitude ratio technique and a new self-validation mechanism of data. This allowed easy integration of the polarimetry measurements into the JET plasma density control (gas feedback control) and as well as machine pr…

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An equivalent model of JET polarimeter is presented, which overcomes the drawbacks of previous versions of the fitting procedures used to provide calibrated results. First of all the signal processing electronics has been simulated, to confirm that it is still working within the original specifications. Then the effective optical path of both the v…


An analytical Bayesian inversion of the JET interferometry line integrated densities into density profiles and associated uncertainty information, is demonstrated. These are used, with a detailed model of plasma polarimetry, to predict the rotation and ellipticity for the JET polarimeter. This includes the lateral channels, for over 45,000 time poi…


Optical interferometers are normally used in magnetically confined plasmas to measure the refractive index of the plasma by comparing the phase shift variation between a reference and a probe laser beam, from which the line-integrated electron density can be derived. Unfortunately, interferometric measurements are affected by fringe jumps, which ar…