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This paper presents a dedicated study of plasma-antenna (PA) coupling with the Alfvén Eigenmode Active Diagnostic (AEAD) in JET. Stable AEs and their resonant frequencies f, damping rates < 0, and toroidal mode numbers n are measured for various PA separations and limiter versus X-point magnetic cofigurations. Two stable AEs are observed to be …

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Toroidal Alfven Eigenmode (TAE) excitation can be caused by fusion-born or Ion Cyclotron Resonance and neutral beam heating fast particles through wave-particle resonance. TAEs may affect fast particle confinement, reduce heating and current drive efficiency, cause damage to the first wall, and decrease overall plasma performance. Excitation of TA…

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Asymmetrical disruptions may occur during ITER operation and they may be accompanied by large sideways forces and rotation of the asymmetry. This is of particular concern because resonance of the rotating asymmetry with the natural frequencies of the vacuum vessel (and other in-vessel components) could lead to large dynamic amplification of the for…

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