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This Review considers current Zr alloys and opportunities for advanced zirconium alloys to meet the demands of a structural material in fusion reactors. Zr based materials in the breeder blanket offer the potential to increase the tritium breeding ratio above that of Fe, Si and V based materials. Current commercial Zr alloys might be considered …

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Shear strain profiles along slip bands in a modified Rolls-Royce nickel superalloy (RR1000) were analyzed for tensile sample deformed by 2%. The strain increased with distance away from a grain boundary (GB), with maximum shear strain towards the center of the grain, indicating that dislocation nucleation generally occurred in the grain interior. T…

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The design of a power plant based on the spherical tokamak (ST) is being developed in order to explore its potential advantages. The plasma is operated in a double null configuration, forming both an upper and lower divertor. In order to accommodate the high erosion rates and heat fluxes developed in the divertors, a system based on a cascading flo…