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Self-ion bombardment of pure tungsten with ion energies of 2 MeV is used to mimic the defects created by neutrons in a fusion reactor. Electron microscopy is used to characterize the microstructure of samples. Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (TDS) is performed on deuterium implanted samples in order to estimate deuterium inventory as function of…


Any future European DEMO reactor which is based upon the D-T fusion reaction will require a tritium plant to reprocess gases such that they can be effectively resupplied to the tokamak fuelling systems, and to protect the environment and personnel from tritium releases. The plant must also be designed to allow replacement of burnt fuel with tritium…


A new facility to study the interaction of hydrogen isotopes with nuclear fusion relevant first wall materials, its retention and release, has been produced. The new facility allows implanting a range of gases into samples, including tritium. Accurate study of isotope effects, such as the isotopic exchange in damaged microstructure, has previously …

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The aim of the Exhaust Detritiation System (EDS) of the JET Active Gas Handling System (AGHS) is to convert all Q-based species (Q2, Q-hydrocarbons) into Q2O (Q being indifferently H, D or T) which is then trapped on molecular sieve beds (MSB). Regenerating the saturated MSBs leads to the production of tritiated water which is stored in Briggs drum…

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