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Finite element analysis (FEA) is widely used in engineering to accurately model physical systems. FEA enables multi-physics investigations to be undertaken efficiently and increases the cohesiveness of interdisciplinary engineering assessments. Thanks to the recent implementation of the FEA Unstructured Mesh capability (UM) into MCNP6, radiation tr…

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Self-consistent computations are carried out to study the stability of the resistive wall mode RWM in DIII-D J. L. Luxon, Nucl. Fusion 42 , 614 2002 plasmas with slow plasma rotation, using the hybrid kinetic-magnetohydrodynamic code MARS-K [Y. Q. Liu and et al. , Phys. Plasmas 15 , 112503 (2008)]. Based on kinetic resonances between the mode and t…


In a fusion device such as a tokamak, it is well known that an unstable external kink mode, driven either by the plasma current or pressure, produces an external magnetic field perturbation, which induces stabilizing image currents in the surrounding conducting structures, such as the vacuum vessels made of low resistivity materials. The image curr…