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The Safety and Environmental Work Package (WPSAE) has the scope to progress the safety studies for the future EU DEMO reactor, in the frame of the Eurofusion programme. A Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR) has been designed to include all the steps necessary to cover the safety issues of the nuclear fusion plant, from the definition of principles an…


Spectrum unfolding is a key tool used together with diagnostics in the determination of nuclear fields that are associated with a range of nuclear technologies spanning fusion, fission, nuclear medicine and accelerator domains. The underlying process requires a mathematical method for solving the Fredholm integral equation of the first kind. This p…

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Shutdown dose rate calculations provide an essential input to the design and research of fusion power plant technology. They allow the estimation of dose to personnel and equipment during planned and unplanned maintenance. The mesh coupled rigorous 2 step (MCR2S) methodology used at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) was originally developed to…

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Nuclear analysis supporting the design and licensing of ITER is traditionally performed using MCNP and the reference model ‘C-Model’, however the complexity of C-Model has resulted in the geometry creation and integration process becoming increasingly time-consuming. Serpent 2 is still a beta code, however recent enhancements mean that it could…

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Computational models created for neutronics assessment through solid geometry conversion are often specific to the analysis being performed. The use of unstructured mesh geometry has the potential to reduce the build time of MCNP models, reduce inaccuracies introduced through flux averaging over different components and material mixing, and make us…

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This paper details progress in experimental characterisation work at JET for the long-term irradiation station conducted as part of a project to perform activation experiments using ITER materials. The aim is to take advantage of the significant 14 MeV neutron yield expected during JET operations to irradiate samples of materials that will be used …

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A Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF) could play an important role in the development of fusion energy by providing the nuclear environment needed to develop fusion materials and components. The spherical torus/tokamak (ST) is a leading candidate for an FNSF due to its potentially high neutron wall loading and modular configuration. A key consid…

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Shutdown dose rate calculations have been performed on an integrated ITER C-lite neutronics model with equatorial port 10. A fully shielded configuration, optimized for a given diagnostic designs (i.e. shielding in all available space within the port plug drawers), results in a shutdown dose rate in the port interspace, from the activation of mater…

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