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A survey of the correlation between temperature and density gradient lengths ( and ) has been performed for the near SOL regions in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. In common with previous studies, the near SOL temperature and density gradient length ratio, , is found to be close to unity across a wide range of plasmas. However, it is found that it is po…

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The plasma response to the vacuum resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) fields, produced by the ELM control coils in ASDEX Upgrade experiments, is computationally modelled using the MARS-F/K codes [Liu Y.Q. et al 2000 Phys. Plasmas 7 3681; Liu Y.Q. et al 2008 Phys. Plasmas 15 112503]. A systematic investigation is carried out, considering various pl…

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Sustained Edge Localised Mode (ELM) mitigation has been achieved on MAST and AUG using RMPs with various toroidal mode numbers over a wide range of low to medium collisionality discharges. The ELM energy loss and peak heat loads at the divertor targets have been reduced. The ELM mitigation phase is typically associated with a drop in plasma density…

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