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Detachment, an important mechanism for reducing target heat deposition, is achieved through reductions in power, particle and momentum; which are induced through plasma-atom and plasma-molecule interactions. Experimental research in how those reactions precisely contribute to detachment is limited. Both plasma-atom as well as plasma-molecule intera…

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Advancing our understanding of divertor plasma physics is limited by an inability to directly determine the plasma characteristics (density, temperature, etc) over the entire divertor cross-section. At best, diagnostics are able to measure ne and Te at isolated points. More commonly however, diagnostics only measure higher-level quantities (e.g. em…

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Ray-tracing techniques are applied to divertor filtered imaging, a diagnostic that has long been plagued by polluting reflected light features in metal walled fusion machines. A physically realistic surface reflection model is developed from a Cook-Torrence microfacet BRDF model. Camera calibration images of in-vessel point lights at JET are use…

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Breeding blankets are designed to ensure tritium self-sufficiency in deuterium- tritium fusion power plants. In addition to this, breeder blankets play a vital role in shielding key components of the reactor, and provide the main source of heat which will ultimately be used to generate electricity. The design of blankets is critical to the success …

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