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In this work the mechanisms that can lead to disruptive MHD instabilities in the termination phase of plasma pulses on JET are investigated. It is shown that the broadening or the shrinking of the current density profile, as a consequence of a core hollowing or a edge cooling of the electron temperature profile, can lead to the destabilization o…

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The new Oblique ECE diagnostics of JET allows simultaneous measurement along three lines of sight at different toroidal angles. JET pulses, in which modulated LHCD power was applied, were analyzed by means of the SPECE emission code, which takes into account the fast electron tail generated by LH. The code results were compared to the ECE spectra f…


Deviations of the electron function velocity distribution from Maxwellian behavior in the high energy range have been extensively studied during the past two decades. A brief review of the experimental techniques and findings on the subject is given in this paper. There are indications that the electron distribution function in thermonuclear plasma…