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Increased neutralisation and hence injected neutral beam power can be achieved by increasing the neutraliser target. This has the potential to increase the loading on the ion source backplate due to backstreaming electrons. Measurements of the backplate power loading due to backstreaming electrons are presented for the JET EP2 neutral beam injector…

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The development of improved designs for components which will be subject to high heat fluxes has been identified as a critical challenge for the realisation of commercial fusion power. This paper presents details of a facility which allows early verification of thermofluid and thermomechananical performance of prototype components and enables compa…


The thermal performance of high heat flux components in a fusion reactor could be enhanced significantly by the use of nanofluid coolants, suspensions of a liquid with low concentrations of solid nanoparticles. However, before they are considered viable for fusion, the long-term behaviour of nanofluids must be investigated. This paper reports an ex…


Following recent observations suggesting the presence of the geodesic acoustic mode (GAM) in ohmically heated discharges in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) [J. R. Robinson et al., Plasma Phys. Controlled Fusion 54, 105007 (2012)], the behaviour of the GAM is studied numerically using the two fluid, global code CENTORI [P. J. Knight et al. Com…


Derek Robinson was a leading UK plasma physicist of his generation. After an early success in measuring the electron temperature in the ZETA plasma through the Thomson scattering of laser light, he became a key member of the team from Culham Laboratory sent to Moscow in 1968 to verify the high temperatures claimed by the Russians for their T3 tokam…


Magnetic feedback control has been used in the DITE tokamak to substantially reduce saturated m = 2, n = 1 instabilities in both Ohmic discharges and discharges with lower-hybrid current drive (LHCD). Feedback has been used for the first time to significantly increase the disruptive density limit in a tokamak. LHCD on DITE stabilizes the sawtooth i…