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The JET outboard divertor targets are the in-vessel components which receive the largest heat flux density. Surface delamination, radial cracks, and tie rod failures have been observed in the outboard tungsten-coated CFC tiles, while bulk tungsten special lamellas were intentionally melted in dedicated experiments. These different types of damag…


The blanket attachment has to cope with gravity, thermal and electromagnetic loads, also it has to be installed and serviced by remote handling. Pre-stressed components suffer from stress relaxation in irradiated environments such as DEMO. To circumvent this problem pre-stressed component should be either avoided or shielded, and where possible key…

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EDFA, as part of the Power Plant Physics and Technology programme, has been working on the pre-conceptual design of a Demonstration Power Plant (DEMO). As part of this programme, a review of the remote maintenance strategy considered maintenance solutions compatible with expected environmental conditions, whilst showing potential for meeting the pl…