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A high performing DEMO divertor target mock-up design that uses the thermal break interlayer concept is presented.  The design evolved from a previous design of which six mock-ups were designed, fabricated and subjected to high heat flux testing.  The new design was generated using optimisation techniques; specifically, software was developed …

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Within a tokamak fusion energy device, the performance and lifespan of a divertor monoblock under high heat flux cycles is of particular interest. Key to this is the quality of manufacture, especially the material joining interfaces. Presented here is a comparative study between X-ray and neutron tomography to investigate the quality of manufacture…

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The European DEMO power reactor is currently under conceptual design within the EUROfusion Consortium. One of the most critical activities is the engineering of the plasma-facing components (PFCs) covering the plasma chamber wall, which must operate reliably in an extreme environment of neutron irradiation and surface heat and particle flux, while …

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