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One of the main operational aims of the MAST experiment [1] and the proposed MAST upgrade is to investigate possible mechanisms to control the q-profile and drive off-axis current. Experiments were carried out to determine the extent to which the q-profile may be modified using two different approaches, transient and steady-state. Transient effects…


In frequency modulated continuous wave reflectometry, used for density profile measurement in fusion plasmas, it is usual to measure the beat frequency between the launched wave and the reflected wave, and from this to calculate the position of the reflecting layer in the plasma. The absolute phase of the beat signal is usually neglected. The reaso…


There is a comprehensive, closely-interlinked electron Bernstein wave (EBW) programme on MAST covering heating experiments, plasma start-up studies, plasma emission measurements, theory and modelling. In this paper we report on proof-of-principle EBW heating experiments conducted on MAST with a 60 GHz, 1 MW gyrotron complex. A 28 GHz (200 kW) EBW s…


Burning plasma spherical tokamaks (STs) rely on off-axis current drive (CD) and nonsolenoid start-up techniques. Electron Bernstein waves (EBWs) may provide efficient off-axis heating and CD in high-density ST plasmas. EBWs may also be used in the plasma start-up phase because EBW absorption and CD efficiency remain high even in relatively cold pla…


A curved crystal spectrometer in Johann configuration has been implemented on MAST to obtain values for electron temperature, ion temperature and toroidal velocity. The spectrometer is used to examine medium Z impurities in the soft x-ray region by utilising a Silicon ( 111 ) crystal, bent using a 4 pin bending jig, and a CCD detector sD t =8 ms d …


H -mode plasmas have been achieved on the MAST spherical tokamak at input power considerably higher than predicted by conventional threshold scalings. Following L - H transition, a clear improvement in energy confinement is obtained, exceeding recent international scalings even at densities approaching the Greenwald density limit. Transition is acc…