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The diffusion of defects in crystalline materials governs macroscopic behaviour in a wide range of processes, including alloying, precipitation, phase transformation, and creep. In real materials, intrinsic defects are unavoidably bound to static trapping centres such as impurity atoms, meaning that their diffusion is controlled by the de-trapping …


Quantum dynamics within solids is usually restricted to low mass particles such as electrons and muons, or single atoms of light elements such as hydrogen. In this letter we report observation of the quantum-assisted motion of self-interstitial atom clusters in tungsten (each of mass 184 Da), travelling distances of several nanometres between trapp…


Vacancy-mediated climb models cannot account for the fast, direct coalescence of dislocation loops seen experimentally. An alternative mechanism, self climb, allows prismatic dislocation loops to move away from their glide surface via pipe diffusion around the loop perimeter, independent of any vacancy atmosphere. Despite the known importance of se…

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In situ real-time electron microscope observations of metals irradiated with ultrahigh-energy electrons or energetic ions show that the dynamics of microstructural evolution in these materials is strongly influenced by long-range elastic interactions between mobile nanoscale radiation defects. Treating long-range interactions is also necessary for …