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In this work, we use reduced and perturbative models to examine the stability of TAEs during the ITB afterglow in JET experiments designed for the observation of alpha driven TAEs.  We demonstrate that in JET-like conditions, it is sufficient to use an incompressible cold plasma model for the TAE to reproduce the experimental adiabatic features su…


Dedicated experiments to generate high-energy D ions and D-3He fusion-born alpha particles have been performed at the Joint European Torus (JET) with the ITER-like wall (ILW). Deuterium ions from neutral beam injection (NBI) with acceleration voltage of 100 keV were accelerated to higher energies in the core of mixed D-3He…


Alfven eigenmodes driven by energetic particles are routinely observed in tokamak plasmas. These modes consist of poloidal harmonics of shear Alfven waves coupled by inhomogeneity in the magnetic field. Further coupling is introduced by 3D inhomogeneities in the ion density during the assimilation of injected pellets. This additional coupling modi…

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Alfvén Eigenmodes (AEs) are routinely seen in present-day tokamaks and stellarators with energetic particles and they represent an attractive form of MHD spectroscopy that provides valuable information on background plasma and on the energetic particles. Possible use of AEs is assessed for MHD spectroscopy of plasma with high-velocity pellet injec…

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Compressional Alfven and ion-ion hybrid waves excited by energetic beam ions are studied in plasmas with two ion species. In our experiment, a hydrogendeuterium (H-D) plasma is used to produce instabilities similar to those likely to be present in the burning deuterium-tritium plasmas of future tokamaks. Modes are suppressed in the deuterium cyclot…


An analytical Bayesian inversion of the JET interferometry line integrated densities into density profiles and associated uncertainty information, is demonstrated. These are used, with a detailed model of plasma polarimetry, to predict the rotation and ellipticity for the JET polarimeter. This includes the lateral channels, for over 45,000 time poi…