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Dedicated experiments to generate high-energy D ions and D-3He fusion-born alpha particles have been performed at the Joint European Torus (JET) with the ITER-like wall (ILW). Deuterium ions from neutral beam injection (NBI) with acceleration voltage of 100 keV were accelerated to higher energies in the core of mixed D-3He…


Ion cyclotron resonance frequency (ICRF) heating has been an essential component in the development of high power H-mode scenarios in JET-ILW. The steps that were taken for the successful use of ICRF heating in terms of enhancing the power capabilities and optimizing the heating performance in view of core impurity mitigation in these experiments w…

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The most recent JET campaign has focused on characterizing operation with the "ITER-like" wall. One of the questions that needed to be answered is whether the auxiliary heating methods do not lead to unacceptably high levels of impurity influx, preventing fusion-relevant operation. In view of its high single pass absorption, hydrogen minority funda…


In this paper important aspects of Lower Hybrid (LH) operation with the ITER Like Wall (ILW) [1] at JET are reported. Impurity release during LH operation was investigated and it was found that there is no significant Be increase with LH power. Concentration of W was analysed in more detail and it was concluded that LH contributes negligibly to its…


The constructive interference effect described by Fuchs et al. [1] shows that the mode conversion and thereby the overall heating efficiency can be enhanced significantly when an integer number of fast wave wavelengths can be folded in between the high field side fast wave cutoff and the ion-ion hybrid layer(s) at which the ion Bernstein or ion cyc…


The non-active operation phase of ITER will be done in H|4 He plasmas at half the nominal magnetic field, B 0 =2.65T. At this field|for the given frequency range of the ICRF system (f=40-55MHz), three ICRF heating scenarios are available a priori : (i) Fundamental ICRH of majority H plasmas at f?40MHz, (ii) second harmonic (N=2) 3 He ICRH in H plas…


In this paper, significant results in the heating and current drive domains obtained at JET in the past few years following systems upgrade and dedicated experimental time, will be reviewed. Firstly, an overview of the new Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency (ICRF) heating capabilities will be presented i.e. results trom the ITER-Like ICRF antenna (I…


A wide range of studies on JET have contributed greatly to the development of the ELMy H-mode as a high-performance scenario for fusion devices and to the understanding of the physical processes that underlie it. Development has focused on the production of a highperformance, high-density, stationary scenario suited to deuterium-tritium operation a…