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The evolution of the JET high performance hybrid scenario, including central accumulation of the tungsten (W) impurity, is reproduced with predictive multi-channel integrated modelling over multiple confinement times using first-principle based models. 8 transport channels are modelled predictively, with self-consistent sources, radiation and magne…

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During the 2015-2016 JET campaigns many efforts have been devoted to the exploration of high-performance plasma scenarios envisaged for DT operation in JET. In this paper we review various key recent hybrid discharges and model the combined ICRF+NBI heating. These deuterium discharges with deuterium beams had the ICRF antenna frequency tuned to mat…

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For the first time, over five confinement times, the self-consistent flux driven time evolution of heat, momentum transport and particle fluxes of electrons and multiple ions including Tungsten (W) is modeled within the integrated modeling platform JETTO [Romanelli M et al PFR 2014], using first principle-based codes : namely, QuaLiKiz [Bourd…

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The effects of poloidal asymmetries and heated minority species are shown to be necessary to accurately describe heavy impurity transport in present experiments in JET and ASDEX Upgrade. Plasma rotation, or any small background electrostatic field in the plasma, such as that generated by anisotropic external heating can generate strong poloidal den…

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Impurity transport is an important topic for ITER as impurity density in tlie core has to stay below a relative concentration of 5 x 10~^ [1] to reach ignition conditions. The reasons for that is mainly impurity radiation leading to cooling. In the edge region on the other hand site, higher impurity densities, going along with radiation energy loss…


This paper presents an overview of the state of the art of core transport studies in JET. It covers in various sections the topics of heat transport, particle and impurity transport, momentum transport, internal transport barrier physics and integrated core and edge modeling. For each topic, a brief summary of older results obtained under the JET J…