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The high anisotropy in the thermal conductivity of lithium metatitanate, Li2TiO3, is shown using the classical simulation method of Molecular Dynamics (MD). The thermal conductivity along the z-direction is markedly lower than that in x and y. This characteristic could be exploited to favourably adjus…

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A development plan for validation of functional principles is defined to support the challenges of mock-up manufacturing and testing. It is aimed to develop the process and infrastructure for qualifying fusion components for the limiters in the European DEMO. The limiters are components that define the plasma boundary by direct contact during norma…


Tungsten and tungsten alloys are being considered as leading candidates for structural and functional materials in future fusion energy devices. The most attractive properties of tungsten for the design of magnetic and inertial fusion energy reactors are its high melting point, high thermal conductivity, low sputtering yield and low long-term dispo…

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During an accident with loss-of-coolant and air ingress in DEMO, the temperature of tungsten first wall cladding may exceed 1000oC and remain for months leading to tungsten oxidation. The radioactive tungsten oxide can be mobilized to the environment at rates of 10 – 150 kg per hour. Smart tungsten-based alloys are under develop…

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High temperature, neutron irradiated single crystal tungsten, with a post irradiation composition of W-1.20±0.11at.%Re-0.11±0.05at.%Os-0.03±0.01at.%Ta was characterised using a combination of Atom Probe Tomography (APT) and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM). APT showed that within nanoscale clusters of Re/Os, the atomic density wa…

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The calculation of activation inventories is a key input to virtually all aspects of the operation, safety and environmental assessment of nuclear plants. For the licensing of such devices, regulatory authorities will require proof that the calculations of structural material, fuel inventories, and calculations to which those quantities are the inp…