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This paper presents results of extensive analysis of mode excitation observed during the operation of the Alfvén Eigenmode Active Diagnostic (AEAD) in the JET tokamak during the 2019-2020 deuterium campaign. Six of eight toroidally-spaced antennas, each with independent power and phasing, were successful in actively exciting stable MHD modes in 47…


ELM simulations for the MAST-U Super-X tokamak have been obtained, using the JOREK code. The JOREK visco-resistive MHD model has been used to obtain comparisons of divertor configurations. The simulations show a factor 10 decrease in the peak heat flux to the outer target of the Super-X in comparison to a conventional divertor configuration. A ro…


In ITER and DEMO, achieving detachment at lower densities would allow to reduce the amount of impurity seeded and to improve confinement by running at lower separatrix densities. Analytic models predict that a increase of total flux expansion would allow such a reduction in upstream density at detachment. However, both experiments and modelling …

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The interaction of static Resonant Magnetic Perturbations (RMPs) with the plasma flows is modeled in toroidal geometry, using the non-linear resistive MHD code JOREK, which includes the X-point and the scrape-off-layer. Two-fluid diamagnetic effects, the neoclassical poloidal friction and a source of toroidal rotation are introduced in the model to…