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Fusion energy is an area of active development and innovation worldwide, with many design concepts exhibiting a range of technical challenges. A significant portion of technical challenges will be unique for a given design concept, however there are several overarching challenges that any design must address to some degree. These include: Tritiu…

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The here presented work studies the dynamics of filaments using 3D full-f fluid simulations in the presence of detached background profiles. It was found that evolving the neutrals on the time-scale of the filament did not have a significant impact on the dynamics of the filament. In general a decreasing filament velocity with increasing plasma den…


We study the amplitude modulation of the radial electric field constructed from the  Langmuir probe plasma potential measurements at the edge of MAST. The Empirical Mode Decomposition technique is applied, which allows us to construct fluctuations on temporal scales of plasma turbulence, the Geodesic Acoustic Mode and these associated with the res…

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