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Runaway electron populations seeded from the hot-tail generated by the rapid cooling in plasma terminating disruptions are a serious concern for next-step tokamak devices such as ITER. Here, we present a comprehensive treatment of the thermal quench, including the superthermal electron dynamics, heat and particle transport, atomic physics, and radi…


The electron runaway phenomenon in plasmas depends sensitively on the momentum space dynamics. However, efficient simulation of the global evolution of systems involving runaway electrons typically requires a reduced fluid description. This is needed for example in the design of essential runaway mitigation methods for tokamaks. In this paper, we p…

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Ions accelerated by electric fields (so-called runaway ions) in plasmas may explain observations in solar flares and fusion experiments, however limitations of previous analytic work have prevented definite conclusions. In this work we describe a numerical solver of the 2D non-relativistic linearized Fokker-Planck equation for ions. It solves the i…

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