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ELM control may be essential to develop ITER scenarios with a reasonable lifetime of divertor components, whilst ELM pacing may be essential to develop stationary ITER scenarios with a tungsten divertor. Resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) have mitigated ELMs in high collisionality plasmas in JET. The efficacy of RMPs in mitigating the ELMs is f…

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Sustained ELM mitigation has been achieved using RMPs with a toroidal mode number of n=4 and n=6 in lower single null and with n=3 in connected double null plasmas on MAST. The ELM frequency increases by up to a factor of eight with a similar reduction in ELM energy loss. A threshold current for ELM mitigation is observed above which the ELM freque…


The application of nonaxisymmetric resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) with a toroidal mode number n . 6 in the MAST tokamak produces a significant reduction in plasma energy loss associated with type-I edge localized modes (ELMs), the first such observation with n>3 . During the ELM mitigated stage clear lobe structures are observed in visible-…


Experiments have been performed on MAST using internal (n=3) resonant magnetic perturbation coils. The application of the RMPs to L-mode discharges has shown a clear density pump out when the field line pitch angle at the low field side of the plasma is sufficiently well aligned with the applied field. The application of the RMPs before the L-H tra…