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Ion cyclotron resonance heating (ICRH) is one of the three additional heating schemes to be deployed on ITER. Its two antenna arrays, installed on the outboard midplane, will deliver 20 MW of RF power in the 40-55 MHz frequency range. The plasma-facing component of …

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If correct, the Lengyel model offers a simple and powerful tool to predict the conditions required for detachment onset in future fusion reactors. We assess its validity against a comprehensive SOLPS-4.3 simulation database of ITER baseline (Q = 10) neon-seeded plasmas (Pacher et al 2015 J. Nucl. Mater. 463 591). In absolute terms, the Lengyel Mode…

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The impact of edge localized modes (ELMs) carrying energies of up to 450 kJ on carbon erosion in the JET inner divertor is assessed by means of time resolved measurements using an in situ quartz microbalance diagnostic. The inner target erosion is strongly nonlinearly dependent on the ELM energy: a single 400 kJ ELM produces the same carbon erosion…


A multi-probe system has been developed to investigate the importance of electron temperature fluctuations turbulent transport in the Joint European Torus boundary plasma. The compact five-pin triple probe has been designed to reduce the phase delay of fluctuations due to the finite pin separation in the standard triple probe technique, while still…


This paper compares the form of f(v||) arising from the warm-ion, kinetic models of Emmert et al. [ Phys. Fluids 23, 803 ( 1980) ] and Bissel and Johnson [ Phys. Fluids 30,779 ( 1987) ] with experimentally measured distributions from the DITE tokamak obtained with a retarding field analyzer (RFA). The results show that the commonl…