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We present the first parallel electron transport results obtained using the newly developed 1D transport code SOL-KiT. In order to properly predict divertor heat loads it is of key importance to develop a thorough understanding of discrepancies between different parallel transport modelling approaches. With the capability to self-consistently sw…

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A Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF) could play an important role in the development of fusion energy by providing the nuclear environment needed to develop fusion materials and components. The spherical torus/tokamak (ST) is a leading candidate for an FNSF due to its potentially high neutron wall loading and modular configuration. A key consid…

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The new approach in advancing the use of fusion, “Fusion for Neutrons” (F4N), is proposed. The application of a small or medium size Spherical Tokamak (ST) as a powerful steady-state fusion neutron source (FNS) is discussed. An overview of various conceptual designs of such neutron sources is given and they are compared with a recently proposed…


We present a novel code which solves the Vlasov-Fokker-Planck (VFP) equation in three dimensional magnetic turbulence using finite difference methods. The approach is distinct from particle tracking codes. The angular component of velocity space distribution function is represented by a spherical harmonic expansion drawing on an approach pioneered …