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An energetic-particle (EP)-driven “off-axis-fishbone-like mode (OFM)” often triggers a resistive wall mode (RWM) in JT-60U and DIII-D devices, preventing long-duration high-b N discharges. In these experiments, the EPs are energetic ions (70–85 keV) injected by neutral beams to produce high-pressure plasmas. EP-driven bursting events reduce t…


Experimental evidence is presented for the existence of the theoretically predicted odd toroidicity induced Alfve?n eigenmode (TAE) from the simultaneous appearance of odd and even TAEs in a normal shear discharge of the joint European torus. The modes are observed in low central magnetic shear plasmas created by injecting lower hybrid current driv…


The edge-localized, high-confinement mode regime is of interest for future Tokamak reactors since high performance has been sustained for long durations. Experiments in the Joint European Tokamak [M. Keilhacker et al. , Nuclear Fusion 39 , 209 (1999)] have studied this regime using scans with the toroidal field and plasma current varied together in…