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13MW of electron cyclotron current drive (ECCD) power deposited inside the q = 1 surface is likely to reduce the sawtooth period in ITER baseline scenario below the level empirically predicted to trigger neo-classical tearing modes (NTMs). However, since the ECCD control scheme is solely predicated upon changing the local magnetic shear, it is prud…


The sawtooth control mechanism in plasmas employing off-axis toroidally propagating ion cyclotron resonance waves in tokamaks is reinvestigated. The radial drift excursion of energetic passing ions distributed asymmetrically in the velocity parallel to the magnetic field determines stability when the rational q 1/4 1 surface resides within a narrow…


During a recent reversed toroidal field (B T) campaign at the Joint European Torus (JET), experiments were performed to investigate the effect on sawteeth of neutral beam injection (NBI)-driven toroidal plasma rotation counter to the direction of the toroidal plasma current and B T . A power scan at constant density has permitted analytical continu…