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The diffusion of defects in crystalline materials governs macroscopic behaviour in a wide range of processes, including alloying, precipitation, phase transformation, and creep. In real materials, intrinsic defects are unavoidably bound to static trapping centres such as impurity atoms, meaning that their diffusion is controlled by the de-trapping …


Quantum dynamics within solids is usually restricted to low mass particles such as electrons and muons, or single atoms of light elements such as hydrogen. In this letter we report observation of the quantum-assisted motion of self-interstitial atom clusters in tungsten (each of mass 184 Da), travelling distances of several nanometres between trapp…


In the last three years, magnetic reconnection research in the MAST spherical tokamak achieved major progress by use of new 32 chord ion Doppler tomography, 130 channel YAG and 300 channel Ruby Thomson scattering diagnostics. In addition to the previously achieved high power plasma heating during merging, detailed full temperature profile measureme…

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This paper describes a recent advances in merging/reconnection experiments in MAST, namely tomographic ion Doppler spectroscopy capability from 2013 which solves the problem of the absence of ion temperature profile measurement during the solenoid-less startup. Providing 32 channel line-integrated spectra from 0.25m< rtangential <1.1m are con…


Electron and ion heating characteristics during merging reconnection startup on the MAST spherical tokamak have been revealed in detail using 130 channel YAG- and 300 channel Ruby-Thomson scattering system and a new 32 chord ion Doppler tomography diagnostic. Detailed 2D profile measurements of electron and ion temperature together with electron de…

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