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The accurate modelling of the activation of flowing material in a fusion reactor, such as coolant water or lithium-lead breeder, has important safety and shielding implications. Two codes developed at UKAEA which account for neutron flux variation have been investigated for the potential for incorporating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and comb…


As a demonstration fusion power plant, EU DEMO has to prove the maturity of fusion technology and its viability for electricity production. The central requirements for DEMO rest on its capability to generate significant net electric power to the grid (300MW to 500 MW) safely and consistentl…

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This paper explores the application of the parareal algorithm to simulations of ELMs in ITER plasma. The primary focus of this research is identifying the parameters that lead to optimum performance. Since the plasma dynamics vary extremely fast during an ELM cycle, a straightforward application of the algorithm is not possible and a modification t…

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